25/10/2017 - THE NEW, THE IMPROVED, THE... sNEWS!
So here you are. A website remade. An artist recently free of the vestments of education with a fresh and brand spanking new masters degree in Animation Production. True phoenix from the ashes right? No? No. So why the complete change? Well the last major update to this site was in 2014 when I originally thought I'd got my Animation degree but due to shenanigans didn't. Remember that? It was a thing. Did an extra year. Got degree. Profit? Also no. Then masters. Now this.

So yes, for a more comprehensive evaluation of my current status be sure to check out the new and improved ABOUT page. You can marvel at it's...newness.

My current focuses are still on 100 Worlds Away and frankly finding employment. For progress on 100 Worlds Away I've set up a developement blog page on this here site. Simply mosey over to the handy dandy navigation menu on the left hand side of this page and compress your clicker in the area of 100 Worlds Away. I can state here though that I've written and recorded the voice audio for the first offical episode (as opposed to the "test" I've made previously). So that's nice.

Beyond that I obliterated the previous news posts. Because they were terrible.