Well hello there.



Sooooo, I guess I've got to write about myself in the first person. Something I'm always terrible at. Like always terrible at. I mean you're reading this now all like "Dang this Charlie dude really struggles to write in first person. And remain on point. But damn if they aren't a weird kind of attractive." I'll admit the last part may simply be some wishful thinking.

So yes, I guess I should describe myself.

You may have gathered, but my name is Charlie. So tick that off the list of knowledge. Online I go by the name IrregularCharlie which is descriptive, vague and accurate. A strange amalgamation of conflicting terms I know, which bizarrely describes me quite well. We could stop here but we won't. This train is already out of that station. Which is weird because it doesn't even have rails. This rail-less train of self description is out of control and direction! Fortunately you didn't buy a ticket anyway so if we end up anywhere it won't necessarily be worse then where we were. Which was, as we already discussed, no where. So we're on the self description train from nowhere to somewhere. And we're all sitting here like "Here's hopeing it's to 'a better understanding this person rambling non-stop at me like a mobster with a tommy gun filled to the brim with bollocks."

I should get back to point.

Which is me.

I'm a proliffic rambler (duh), occasional writer and always, always, a 2D animator. I've tried to be lots of different things but I always return to animation. 2D animation specifically.

I'm into characters, worlds and a bit too picky (usually) to let you imagine my creations wrong. So I have to show you how they are, so you get them as they are. I want to show you how they move, how they talk, walk, interact with the world around them and love them like I do.

Currently I take my inspiration from all over but generally I always come back to modern children's cartoons like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Amazing World of Gumball, Avatar: Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Star Vs the Forces of Evil etc etc etc ad nauseum. I take this inspiration and use it to make my own universe, dubbed The Irregularverse because I'm a knob. The first foray into fleshing out my universe was quite spontanious. I literally just started drawing with exact ZERO idea of where I was going. The result was the, since canned, webcomic CRUNK. Admittedly though CRUNK did lead me to better understand the ins and outs of story progression, pacing and dialog. Eventually though my ideas spiralled well outside the scope of CRUNK and lead to the creation of 100 Worlds Away. As this idea grew the Irregularverse became in need of a ground up overhaul. Thusly I shot CRUNK in the head, renamed it Pantheon Bound, and am slowly building it up as I work on getting 100 Worlds Away off the ground.

Historically I started on a now dead website called Sheezyart. I spent nearly all my early teenage years and it was good. Well actually, it was dramatic in the same way all early teenage years are. Caring a lot, about stuff that does not matter. I also occassionally 'ventured over to newgrounds.com and lurk, lurk like you wouldn't believe. Then sheezyart died, newground's audience got swollowed by youtube and now here we are.

So yeah.

I draw. I animate. I write. I struggle to make a living.

Same old really.