Below should be two seperate galleries featuring both pictures and animations respectively. I specilise in 2D Digital work though I'm always open to experiementation.

Digital Work: So I'm sure you can tell by now but I've been drawing and animating for many years. My primary tool for everything I've made through out those years has been Macromedia Flash 8 but recently I switched to ToonBoom Harmony and am far better for it. The gallery bellow are bits and pieces of works from 2010 to the present day. This is by no means a full gallery of pictures and I'll be slowly adding to it over the months. Personally I like to be able to go back and see how my style has changed and if I've improved.
Sketch Book work: Anyone whom knows me, knows I nearly always carry around with me a small black book. This black book is basically the place I scribble down anything. Like literally anything. Things I need to do that day or names I need to remember. But often it's used to sketch whilst I'm bored, or to design some character, or refine an aspect of a character, or anything around me. I figured it'd be nice to share some of the better pages with you my humble reader.
Current showreel:
100 WORLDS AWAY: This is an animated series I hope to one day expand upon. General Animations: I primarily animate using ToonBoom Harmony but previously used Adobe Flash. The subject matter of my animations changes greatly. View them to your heart's content bellow. Also note that some of these link outside of this website to places like newgrounds and youtube. Practice Animations: Practice makes perfect right? Right. CRUNK Animations: CRUNK was a mixed media webcomic I was producing. Certain pages had animated musical segments and interactive flash "games."