100 Worlds Away : Episode 0 (22/09/2016)
This was my first test of the 100 Worlds Away concept. I used this to test my animation muscels aswell as my writing ability. I also wanted people's thoughts on the voice acting, fortunely the response on that front and in general was very positive. This gave me the boost I needed to pursue this further. This epsiode is however non-cannonical and won't feature into the series as a whole. Remember to check the developement blog for more info.

General Animations: Well considering I usually describe myself as an Animator you should really not be too surprised that I have a VERY large backlog of animations. I primarily animate using ToonBoom Harmony but previously used Adobe Flash. The subject matter of my animations changes greatly. View them to your heart's content bellow... or you know... to your heart's semi-interested time filling nonsense...contentment. Also note that some of these link outside of this website to places like newgrounds.

100 Worlds Away: This is my current focus. 100 Worlds Away follows the adventures of Griffin Thakur and portal opening side-kick FLIT as they try find their way home through the many worlds of the Irregularverse. More details can be found here.

Practice Animations: Practice makes perfect right? Right. Right right? Makes a U turn, but yes.

CRUNK Animations: So CRUNK was my attempt at a multi-media webcomic. Admittedly it was fun and very good pratice. But I started ited it without a plan. I just... started. Hence it's terrible name. By 2017 I lost my way with it and basically shot it in the head. I'm currently reworking it into another multi-media webcomic series called Pantheon Bound (this time it's planned out). That said I did a few animations for the series which sort of work as personal bullet points for improvement. Here they are.