Hijabby as Captain America (10/01/2015)
So a young lady on Tumblr called Hijabby was getting flack from a backlog of enraged nerds and apparently racists/sexists twits because she posted a selfie in which she wore a Captain America shirt and said she'd be a great Captain America (fyi she would). Folks were genually trying to argue that because she wasn't American, male and the fact she wears a Hijab meant she couldn't ever be Captain America. I took issue with this. This image, my rebellion. Also, as an aside, Hijabby is a fantastic artist.

Digital Work: So I'm sure you can tell by now but I've been drawing and animating for many years. My primary tool for everything I've made through out those years has been Macromedia Flash 8 but recently I switched to ToonBoom Harmony and am far better for it. In any case I thought it'd be fun to create a gallery in which I can visibly see my growing denial of mediocrity of which I do so possess. The gallery bellow are bits and pieces of works from 2010 to the present day. This is by no means a full gallery of pictures and I'll be slowly adding to it over the months. Personally I like to be able to go back and see how my style has changed and if I've improved.

Sketch Book work: Anyone whom knows me, knows I nearly always carry around with me a small black book. This black book is basically the place I scribble down anything. Like literally anything. Things I need to do that day or names I need to remember. But often it's used to sketch whilst I'm bored, or to design some character, or refine an aspect of a character, or anything around me. I figured it'd be nice to share some of the better pages with you my humble reader (I assume you're humble, you could be like crazy big about yourself).

Friend/Fan Work: I got connections up the wazoo. And some times those connections surprise me with artwork that vastly out does my own artwork. I mean look at this junk, it's funking fabulous! That or I asked them to an art trade and completely failed to deliver on my end of the bargin. I mean for awhile, we hope, untill present Charlie gets their wits together and becomes the far more successfull future Charlie. Whom I've been told hath moves like jagger.