Well considering I usually describe myself as an Animator you should really not be too surprised that I have a VERY large backlog of animations. I primarily animate using flash CS3 and the subject matter of my animations changes greatly. View them to your heart's content bellow... or you know... to your heart's semi-interested time filling nonsense. Also note that some of these link outside of this website to places like newgrounds.
Grace Saves the Day (2011)
My friend Grace came round my house once. We had a stupid conversation. She demanded I record it and animate it. I said no, she called me a pussy, so then I did.
Explosive Fixes Everything (2011)
So for those not in the know I'm part of a secret animation community. We're called the Locklegion and we make serious cartoons on serious topics. Like explosions.
Colour Runner (2011)
Here's something I never finished. This was going to be a simple video following a strange man in an odd hoodie whom left rainbow trails behind him as he pakoured around a giant empty city. This would later be incorperated into CRUNK.
ROCKETS (2012)
So at one point before I started CRUNK I was a vlogger. And whilst I was doing that I occasionally wrote sketches. In this particular one I grabbed my friend Adam and made this silly thing in about a week.
10 Bad Thoings to put in a Bathtub (2012)
Ever have one of those day you just want to make something and you fall into almost coma like state of creativity? Me niether. Instead I made this in a week. It's... kinda stupid.
Dying Breed Collab (2012)
Over at the Locklegion we occasionally band together to animate a music video or provide our own take on a concept. My part is the last part. It's also debatable that this is the animation that got me into university.
Piggies Collab (2013)
Another music collab with the Locks. This one was to that one song about piggies by the Beetles. It was also a metaphorical song... a metaphor that russeled our hair as it sailed over our heads. My part is the last part.
A Day at the Zoo Collab (2014)
Now this is slightly different Locklegion collab. Instead of a song it was based around a topic "What if the Locks went to the Zoo?" I animated the introduction, the transitions and the second to last part. I'm actually rather proud of this one.

So as I'm sure many of you are aware by now one of current projects is CRUNK. Which is of course is primarily a webcomic with interactive and animated segments sprickled throughout the narrative. Orginally I hadn't planned to link the animated segments here but I'm usually fairly proud of the segments once I've finished animating them. I begin to dislike them later when I trick myself into thinking I've improved my animation chops.
Meanwhile glitch : CRUNK 9 (2013)
So here it the first animated segment of CRUNK. It's kinda weird as by the time I finished animating this I hadn't reqally established all the rules of the CRUNK universe, hence why it feels out of place. It's almost like I didn't plan out the first chapter... almost.
Entry 1 : CRUNK 235 (2014)
This one feels more planned narratively. I actually created this in tandem with my last animated piece for university. Yes this somehow got me my animation degree. I dunno either. Education system, am I right?

So this is my current totally animated project. Join Griffin Thakur and FLIT as they try to leap frog their way home, going on various adventures, saving lives and smooching brides. Consensually, obvs. Griffin is played by Shannon Hobby aka ForceONature
Episode 0 - Untitled (2016)
I call this Episode 0 because it's mostly me testing out the concept and trying to learn how to go about making an animated series using what I have access to. The orginal episode had been a VERY long orgins story for Griffin and FLIT, but completely burned mysef out after a year of that and thusly completely restarted with a far more managable episode. Props to Georgia Prior whom made a cameo in this episode as AppleGirl.