Digital Work: So I'm sure you can tell by now but I've been drawing and animating for many years. My primary tool for everything I've made through out those years has been Macromedia Flash 8 (though I recently upgraded to flash CS3.) In any case I thought it'd be fun to create a gallery in which I can visibly see my growing denial of mediocrity of which I so possess. The gallery bellow are bits and pieces of works from 2010 to 2014. This is by no means a full gallery of pictures and I'll be slowly adding to it over the months.
Murdoc (2010) Drifters(2010) Futuristic Dodge Charger (2010) Crash Bandicoot (2010) Misfits (2011) Paintbrush Ponders (2011) WineLock Request (2011)
ExplosiveLock Request (2011) ZTEAGHLock Request (2011) TigerLock Request (2011) PumpkinLock Request (2011) Daft Punk (2011) Funky Cube (2011) Paintbrush Stylised (2011)
Friendship Wall (2011) Finn the Human (2011) Deadpool (2011) Colour Runner (2012) Paintbrush Pointing (2012) Sheezyart Pals (2013) SamegameLock Request (2013)
ExplosiveLock 2 KEWL 4 SK00L (2013) MP3Lock Self tuneage (2013) WineLock Played for Thrones (2013) WizardLock Spellcasting (2013) SwissLock Knight (2013) ZTEAGHLock Zombified (2013) Seeing Worlds (2013)
Samegame the Barbearian (2013) Irregular Floats (2013) Knighthood Background (2014) Dia's Rage Background (2014) The Nth Divide Background (2014) Squarion (2014) Grace: Sweet Infatuation (2014)
ZTEAGH's Din Dins (2014) Mango SS Officer (2014) LipLock's Confusion (2014) Hysteria the Gentleman (2014) Musketeer Racoon (2014) The Good Samegame (2014) LeafLock of the stars (2014)
Legion Of Alien (2014) Way of the ThingLock (2014) Wine's Iron Throne (2014) Pumpkin The Pirate (2014) Barrel "Don Draper" Lock (2015) Fear the FlamingPaperCup Lock (2015) CRASH in SMASH (2015)
Amovible Captain America (2015) Kung-fu Jujube (2015) MP3 Slash (2015) IrregularCharlie (2015) Annaroo Icon (2015) Lucas and Griffin (2016)

Sketch-Book Work: Anyone whom knows me, knows I nearly always carry around with me a small black book. This black book is basically the place I scribble down anything. Like literally anything. Things I need to do that day or names I need to remember. But often it's used to sketch whilst I'm bored, or to design some character, or refine an aspect of a character, or anything around me. I figured it'd be nice to share some of the better pages with you my humble reader (I assume you're humble, you could be like crazy big about yourself).
Griffin Sketch 1 Future Griffin & FLIT expressions Art style doodles ??? Mora Lybaria View from the Dentists Waiting for a friend
Outfit Designs 1 Future Griffin 2 No Nose Shield practise Down the street we go! Some sort of Alien rumpus Turian
CRUNK: Astrid and Tram CRUNK: Helie and Redi CRUNK: Hood and Heist Facial practise

Friend/Fan Work: I got connections up the wazoo. And some times those connections surprise me with artwork that vastly out does my own artwork. I mean look at this junk, it's funking fabulous! That or I asked them to an art trade and completely failed to deliver on my end of the bargin. I mean for awhile, we hope, untill present Charlie gets their wits together and becomes the far more successfull future Charlie. Whom I've been told hath moves like jagger.

LipSoldier byLipLawk Paintbrush Lock byLipLawk Griffin by Danbaku Bri Art Trade by Bri McKeon