A 2D digitally animated world hopping adventure of a very lost young lady and her robotic sidekick on a heroic quest to get back home.

10/04/2018 : Episode 1 in RE-production
Heya guys. In my traditional method of updating ya'll on 100 Worlds Away I wait months before updating this dang page. So whats happening with Griffin and FLIT? Well a couple of things, let's list them.

1. Griffin has a nose now. Marvel at this change.

Dang look at that snort. Now Griffin is capable of smelling all the many worlds she will travel through. I imagine a lot of them smell like earth and butts. Actually that's now canon. This is now a story of Griffin never ending homeward bound quest through 100 Worlds of butts.


I know I know. I did this last time to. I just can't seem to get it through my head to not write overly complex scripts. I am but one person, working on my own.

As a side note you should watch Vikings. It's a good series.

With that side whoever progress is being made on the new version of the script. Adam Haynes my go to composer is hard at work and Shannon Hobby , though crazy busy, has given me a working date on 14th of this month. So hopefully we can knock that out of the way and I can get cracking.

03/11/2017 : Episode 1 in production
That's right I offically began working on epsiode 1, titled "It begins with a groan." Take a while gande at what the first line of the script was.

So yes, Shannon has recorded her lines and so we're off to the races.

That said, I decided now would be a perfect time to get some practice in. I can tell I'm getting better at animating but frankly, I'm not there yet. This effort on my part gave birth to these short animation practices found in this youtube playlist. I'm hoping to do some more, mostly in the hopes of beefing up my showreel, which I feel is still a tad weak.

I've also slightly changed Griffin's colour scheme. Basically all I did was make her colours more defined, as you can see:

D'aww, look at her grow. :D

Anyway if you compare this colour scheme to the one used in the RECAP episode (check the post before this one) this colour scheme "pops" far more. My hope is that this will make her appeal more. I like it more anyway.

Anyway I'll make another post soonish hopefully with another bit of pratice work. I'm planning to do some heavy lifting animation and a lip-sync animation.

10/09/2017 : The lost episode
So it may look as if I spent a year not making any progress on this project. You'd be wrong. You have been decieved! FOR I DID ANIMATE SOMETHING! AND ENTIRE EPISODE! Called RECAP! Here are some screenshots!

So you're asking "But Charlie, you mysterious giver of creativity whimsy, where can I witness this episode of 100 Worlds Away?" Well that's the thing. You can't. See I made the RECAP epsiode to use during potential pitches to various studios and production houses. As such it goes into considerable detail of Griffin's backstory and cover various points I'd rather explore and reveal slowly in the series proper.

Anyway next update probs incoming.

05/10/2016 : Wow I don't update this a lot
Okay, should probably keep this short. 100 Worlds Away episode 0 is out now.
It was a LOOOOOOONNNNGGG process but there, it's done. A good learning experience to be sure and I would do things very differently now, but that's the nature of these things. This is the last production I intend to make in Adobe Flash. From now on I'm switching over to ToonBoom Harmony which I've been slowly coming to grips with. It's really good.

Like real good.

Wow I used the same version of Adobe flash for a decade.

29/01/2016 : Gotta keep this short
Okay so I'm like EVEN more busy than the last time I was busy. That was baby busy and this is like baby busy... if the baby had been dealifting it's parents for 5 years...

And it's only a year old.


That's right from the very start. The reason? Well I was suffering badly from depression and having breakdowns and the sheer workload needed for the orginal pilot was/is insane. So I decided, after re-watching the Adventure Time pilot episode, to rethink my approach. See orginally I had planned to explain everything about Griffin, FLIT, her dad's, Mora freaking everything. But I really didn't need to. It's narratively more interesting in this case to not know from the get go. And thus, new script (much more manageable length), new voice actors (Shannon and Georgia) new everythang.

And it's progressing really damn quickly. I mean I've written the script, got the voice work done, created the master audio file to animate from, done a animatic of the whole episode and created the backgrounds for every shot learning a new programme in the process (Manga Studio, big ups to OneyNG for his tutorials). ENJOY SOME PREVIEW SHOTS!
So yeah I also submitted this pilot to a BBC competition called ANIM8 (terrible name I know). I should find out if I've made it to the 2nd stage on the 5th. Should I win I think the BBC will aid me in the creation of this show, which is bananas. *Edit: I didn't win. D: